Author Profile: Bob Nick Shields


Bob Nick Shields once worked in a room, proofreading the New York City phone book.

And lived to tell the tale.  He was a rock critic, reviewing, virtually, every rock and roll act of the late 60s at the Fillmore East. He was, also, a copy boy at Time Magazine and a music monitor for ASCAP, identifying music played on the radio so that songwriters received their royalties.

He was a Founding Member of New York’s Circle Repertory Company and, in 1976, made his Big-Screen debut as Senator Palantine’s aide in the classic American film, Taxi Driver.  In 1977, he moved from New York to Hollywood where he got work as a taxi driver.  The single line given to him by writer, Phil Alden Robinson, in the Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin comedy has been used whenever Mr. Martin’s comic genius is honored.  Mr. Shields hopes that line, “Everybody’s gonna be real disappointed,” will be used as his epitaph, rather than in a review of his writing.

The Great Big War is his first work of fiction.  He is, currently, writing another tale featuring the kids of Fenimore Cooper Acres.

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