The Happy Mirror

Sunday, May 10, 2015 Review by SoTB

TheHappyMirrorBy:  Deborah J. Solberg

The Happy Mirror is a delightful tale of a Queen in the Kingdom of Strife, who is given a new BFF, The Happy Mirror, and dances for joy to see herself. The unhappy people outside her castle tower window make the Queen’s right-side up smile turn upside down. The Happy Mirror can only show her the frown it sees on her face. In a rage, the Queen throws her crown at The Happy Mirror, smashing it to pieces. A Little Boy on a crutch begs her for a piece of mirror. When he sees himself in his tiny mirror, he jumps for joy. As the Queen hands out pieces of mirror to the villagers, she sees their upside down smiles turn right side up, and she feels happiness, from inside out. Sharing The Happy Mirror helps the Kingdom of Strife live, ‘Happily Ever After.’ This fully illustrated picture book is perfect for children ages 4-8.