The Dragon’s Dream & The Wizard’s Wish

Friday, November 28, 2014 Review by SoTB

Short on Time Books is proud to bring you the first release from an exciting new author!

DragonsDreamBy:  Iggy Snit

Hickorytick Forest is home to fairy tale folk, sprites and fairies. It is also home to dragons! On a quest to solve the problem of having a good night’s rest for fire-breathing dragons, Adamas Dragon meets the wacky Wizard Parr. Parr needs a dragon’s tooth to stop from shrinking out of sight and agrees to help Adamas in his quest. All looks grand from afar, but a good-for-nothing fairy tries to trick Adamas into breaking the tooth fairy code and committing a dastardly deed. It will take his dragon wit and mother’s wise words to save the day. The Dragon’s Dream & The Wizard’s Wish is a tale of magic and adventure guaranteed to be enjoyed by anyone who has ever lost, or ever will lose, a tooth.