Pirates Off Kilter

Sunday, September 7, 2014 Review by SoTB

PiratesOffKilterBy:  T.W. Kirchner

After the Klopt’s square their debt with pirate ghost Jacques Mignard, they are left with a new crew member, Cosette, and a debt owed to a sea witch, Volange that brings them to Scotland. Pirate ghost François l’Olonnais, always with a watchful eye over Tommy, decides to lend the family a hand for their next quest. He enlists the help of a Scottish pirate ghost, Captain Red Boots. Working in a time crunch, with two new crew members that don’t see eye to eye, and avoiding Volange’s powerful brother who wants to stop them, the Klopt family is in for more than their share of rough seas. Will Tommy save the day again or has he finally met his match?