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The Killer in You

Book by Romance
Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Review by ShortonTimeBooks

KillerinYouBy: Karen M. Bryson

Mia Corrado can’t remember that last time she had sex with her husband, Nicky. He’s been preoccupied with his job as the head of New Jersey’s most powerful crime family and all of the wild oats he sews on the side.

When Nicky tells Mia he’s too busy to attend her college reunion, and wants to send one of his underlings to accompany her, Mia is completely fed up.

Until she discovers it is Luka Russo who will be escorting her. He’s handsome, charming and sensitive, definitely not the typical mobster.

Mia is completely captivated by him.

And Luka is just as smitten with Mia.

But if they act on their feelings for each other Luka may end up sleeping with the fishes.