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Rain Dancer

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Review by SoTB

RainDancerBy:  Deborah J. Solberg

Lynx growled and Wolf howled. Rain Dancer was in trouble. The little Indian princess was lost deep in the woods.Grandmother always said that tears make her weak, so Rain Dancer stopped them with her breathing.

Instead, Wolf and Lynx taught Rain Dancer to: ‘Listen with the eye that sees.’ Closing her eyes, Rain Dancer sees Grandmother, drumming and calling to her with her Third Eye. With the help of the Great Creator, and Northern Lights, Rain Dancer ‘sees’ her way through the dark forest.

Lead astray by little wood spirits, she comes face to face with White Bear, who lets her go so she can learn about plants to save her people.

When Rain Dancer finds her way home, she goes to the Spirit World to learn more about her vision quest. Rain Dancer’s Third Eye has shown her the future.

This fully illustrated picture book is perfect for children ages 4-8.