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The Golden Rule

Saturday, June 6, 2015 Review by SoTB

ThegoldenRuleBy:  Deborah J. Solberg

The Golden Rule is a magical tale of an Angel who drops from Heaven with one wing. To earn a second wing, Angel must do a good deed.  The problem? No one can see her.  Not Princess who looks down on Peasant, or Baby Dragon with the tiny roar, or Prince who would rather dance than fight, or Jester with the bad jokes, or Uncle Wizard, who rules an unhappy kingdom.

Angel watches what makes them happy, and begins to create a ‘Golden Rule’ about getting along. ‘Treat others as you want to be treated.’ But Uncle Wizard says they are only words. And words without actions are just words.  Suddenly, Prince leads them in a happy dance, and ‘The Golden Rule’ words come to life. Angel offers to be the Golden Rule Ambassador, and her second wing begins to grow. Soon, Angel flies ‘The Golden Rule’ around the world so everyone on Earth can live, ‘Happily Ever After.’  This fully illustrated picture book is perfect for children ages 4-8.

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The Happy Mirror

Sunday, May 10, 2015 Review by SoTB

TheHappyMirrorBy:  Deborah J. Solberg

The Happy Mirror is a delightful tale of a Queen in the Kingdom of Strife, who is given a new BFF, The Happy Mirror, and dances for joy to see herself. The unhappy people outside her castle tower window make the Queen’s right-side up smile turn upside down. The Happy Mirror can only show her the frown it sees on her face. In a rage, the Queen throws her crown at The Happy Mirror, smashing it to pieces. A Little Boy on a crutch begs her for a piece of mirror. When he sees himself in his tiny mirror, he jumps for joy. As the Queen hands out pieces of mirror to the villagers, she sees their upside down smiles turn right side up, and she feels happiness, from inside out. Sharing The Happy Mirror helps the Kingdom of Strife live, ‘Happily Ever After.’ This fully illustrated picture book is perfect for children ages 4-8.

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The Dragon’s Dream & The Wizard’s Wish

Friday, November 28, 2014 Review by SoTB

Short on Time Books is proud to bring you the first release from an exciting new author!

DragonsDreamBy:  Iggy Snit

Hickorytick Forest is home to fairy tale folk, sprites and fairies. It is also home to dragons! On a quest to solve the problem of having a good night’s rest for fire-breathing dragons, Adamas Dragon meets the wacky Wizard Parr. Parr needs a dragon’s tooth to stop from shrinking out of sight and agrees to help Adamas in his quest. All looks grand from afar, but a good-for-nothing fairy tries to trick Adamas into breaking the tooth fairy code and committing a dastardly deed. It will take his dragon wit and mother’s wise words to save the day. The Dragon’s Dream & The Wizard’s Wish is a tale of magic and adventure guaranteed to be enjoyed by anyone who has ever lost, or ever will lose, a tooth.