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Pirates Off Kilter

Sunday, September 7, 2014 Review by SoTB

PiratesOffKilterBy:  T.W. Kirchner

After the Klopt’s square their debt with pirate ghost Jacques Mignard, they are left with a new crew member, Cosette, and a debt owed to a sea witch, Volange that brings them to Scotland. Pirate ghost François l’Olonnais, always with a watchful eye over Tommy, decides to lend the family a hand for their next quest. He enlists the help of a Scottish pirate ghost, Captain Red Boots. Working in a time crunch, with two new crew members that don’t see eye to eye, and avoiding Volange’s powerful brother who wants to stop them, the Klopt family is in for more than their share of rough seas. Will Tommy save the day again or has he finally met his match?

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The Zombie Nightmare

Friday, August 1, 2014 Review by SoTB

TheZombieNightmareBy:  T.W. Kirchner

The pendant still holds four zombies’ souls, and the Bokor will stop at nothing to get it back. Now that Goldie has discovered the identity of her birth mother and the Bokor and the reason for her adoption, she understands the importance of freeing all the souls and crushing the Bokor’s bid for power.

However, the powerful sorcerer holds Goldie’s sister, Gema, captive and has a few more evil surprises in store. With Gema’s life on the line, will Goldie choose to save her sister or stop the Bokor?

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Pirates Off the Wall

Monday, October 28, 2013 Review by SoTB

PiratesOff theWallBy T.W. Kirchner

For two years, twelve-year-old Tommy Klopt, his dad, Hoody, and his two brothers, Connor and Dillon, sailed the seas as Robin Hood-type pirates. After meeting, and almost getting killed, by a pirate from the 1600s turned evil ghost, François l’Olonnais, the family decides to head back to land and start over.

Life on land turns out badly for the family, and they set sail once again. It isn’t long before l’Olonnais returns and brings a fellow ghost pirate, Captain Jacques Mignard with him. Mignard needs a mortal’s help to retrieve his girlfriend, Cosette, and he heard Tommy can get the job done. Besides a time crunch, the biggest obstacle is a spiteful and tricky sea witch, Volange.

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Pirates Off the Deep End

Sunday, August 25, 2013 Review by SoTB

PiratesOff theDeependBy T.W. Kirchner

Tommy Klopt is cunning and clever. Of course, he’s a pirate. The twelve-year-old, along with his brothers, Connor and Dillon, begin a life at sea when their distraught father, Hoody, hits hard times. After a couple of years of smooth sailing as Robin Hood-type pirates, the family encounters a typhoon in the form of 400-year-old pirate ghost, François l’Olonnais. To force Tommy to complete a task, l’Olonnais captures Hoody. In a race against time to free him, the boys go up against real pirates and the FBI. But even if they can save their father, will l’Olonnais, the most evil pirate in history, really hold up his end of the bargain?

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Max Mooney and Lincoln’s Hand

Saturday, July 6, 2013 Review by SoTB

MaxMooneyBy: Ann Kimbrough

Never trust a future President!

Twelve-year-old Max Mooney is a sculpture’s apprentice in the 1860’s. His boss is working on a statue of Abraham Lincoln. When Max breaks one of the hands, he hides his mistake and decides to replace it before anyone notices. All he has to do is find Mr. Lincoln and re-cast his hand. Unfortunately, Max finds Mr. Lincoln on the day he’s been elected to run for President. Half the city is at his house celebrating. The only way Max can privately talk to Lincoln is with the help of his young sons, Willie & Tad, but they may be harder to trust than a future President!